Coffee Loving and Caffeine Bound!

Great River Roasters Inc is now BLUECAF Coffee Roasters LLC

A New Name with a New Location

And the New Home of Mississippi Mud!

March 1st, 2014, BLUECAF Coffee Roasters LLC swung open its doors, and its all good news!

BLUECAF Coffee is the same GREAT coffee! Using the same GREAT roaster! With the same GREAT people!

We are still located on the West Coast of Wisconsin, nestled in the banks of the Mississippi on Lake Pepin and the Great River Road. You will find us situated from across the vineyards of the Villa Bellizza, and by The Country Stop, in beautiful Pepin, WI.

Available on the store of this website are still the great offerings you love. Check back often for updates and offerings and new additions as we work to continue improving your coffee experience.

For those who have known us and followed us as Great River Roasters all these years, I thank you!

For those who are just learning of us and meeting us today as BLUECAF Coffee Roasters, I welcome you!

Be well, and remember; life is too short to drink bad coffee!

BLUECAF Coffee Roasters is a custom, specialty coffee, micro-roaster. We roast only 100% specialty grade, Arabica coffee beans, sourced from coffee growing countries of origin around the world. Our coffees are roasted to order right here in Pepin, Wisconsin.     We process, package, and ship overnight for absolute freshness.

We have developed an impressive portfolio of coffee blends that soothes the inner soul. We meet the profiles of the darkest dark, to the very light, in complexity and style. From our signature blend, Mississippi Mud™, to our popular JAVA JUMP! and our custom, proprietary blends, BLUECAF Coffee ranks among the best in customer gratification.

To meet our customer needs, we roast over fifteen country of origin varieties, including naturally processed Mountain Water Decaff ™  and top quality Flavored coffees.

Our commercial customers are discerning restaurants, coffee houses, B&B's, independent cafes, and food co-ops in the Upper Midwest region.

Now, our quality coffees are available to everyone through our  online store. We encourage you to browse our coffee selection and place an order today. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

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Beautiful Lake Pepin lies just beyond the Roastery.